01 – What is Adult Language Training ?
The Adult Language Training (ALT) project is funded by the European Union (EU) and is run by the General Directorate of Lifelong Learning (DGLLL) and the United Nations Development Program (UNDP). With the courses offered under ALT, it is aimed to give different levels of Turkish language courses to the Syrians under Temporary Protection between 18-57 years of age who are living in Turkey. Courses will be given through the Public Education Centers located in 10 provinces throughout Turkey.
02 – How is the ALT financed ?

Expenditures of the activities carried out under the ALT and payments to the trainees is provided by the European Union and its member states.

03 – For whom are the courses opened in scope of ALT ?

All Syrians under Temporary Protection with an ID number starting with 99; between 18-57 age range; who can read and write in their own language can participate in the courses opened under ALT.

04 – What is Temporary Protection ?

Temporary Protection is the status given to Syrian refugees in Turkey after registration with their local DGMM office and reciept of their official DGMM identity card.

05 – In which provinces are the courses going to be opened?

Language Courses for Adults will be opened in Adana, Bursa, Gaziantep, Hatay, Istanbul, Izmir, Kilis, Konya, Mersin and Sanliurfa.

06 – Where will the courses be held?

The courses will be organized in the Public Education Centers in the provincial and district centers or in places deemed appropriate by the PECs. The PEC list can be found on www.ytde.info.

07 – What are the objectives of the courses?

It is aimed to increase the Turkish language skills of adult Syrians under Temporary Protection with the courses to be opened within the scope of the project.

08 – How can I apply for registration?

To register for courses, you need to apply to the Public Education Center in person.

09 – What supporting documents do I need to submit with my application ?

You must have a Temporary Protection ID at the time of registration.

10 – At what level will I learn Turkish?

The courses will be given at A1, A2 and B1 levels according to the conditions of PECs.

11 – Are the trainees going to receive a certificate at the end of the courses?

The trainees who have successfully completed the courses will be given an official document by the related PEC indicating that they have successfully completed the course.

12 – Who will be giving the courses?

The courses will be given by qualified instructors assigned to HEM.

13 – How long are the courses going to take?

For each level, course duration is 90 hours.
Course schedules will be determined according to the conditions of the related PEC, teacher and trainees.
Courses will last for 10 weeks, 3 days a week, 3 hours a day.

14 – What does blended training mean?

The blended training method is applied in the courses.
Blended education is an educational method that combines face-to-face training and distance learning content in the classroom.
In addition to face-to-face training departments, there are departments that should be followed in electronic environment before and after the course.
You are expected to complete these activities before and after the courses.
During the courses you will need to access the contents in electronic media using your smartphone, tablet or computer.
This content does not require a permanent Internet access.

15 – Do I need any electronic or communication tool to follow the classes?

In order to perform the activities before and after the classes, a Teaching Management System will be used via smart phones, tablets and computers.

16 – Do I need a continuous Internet connection to follow the classes?

A continuous Internet connection is not required to follow the lessons.

17 – Do I have to go to class every day?

Course schedules will be determined by the conditions of the related PEC, teacher and trainees.
Courses will last for 10 weeks, 3 days a week, 3 hours a day.
You must attend at least 80 percent of the course you enrolled.

01 – What are the criteria for the success of the trainees?

You are expected to attend all the face-to-face courses of the trainings and to complete the pre and post-written assignments.
To be successful,
• At least 80 percent attendance
• Completing homework during the course
• Taking the passing exam at the end of the course is required.
Participants who fail to meet the above criteria will be considered unsuccessful.

02 – I failed the course. What can I do?

If you fail in the course, you can re-enroll in the same level course.
However, you cannot receive any payment if you register the same level for the second time.

03 – Will I be able to get financial help again if I successfully complete the repeated course?

If you have successfully completed the repeated course, you will be eligible to register for a higher level.
If you register to a higher level, you can receive the payment per hour as you continue going to the course.

01 – Does the course participants receive financial support?

The course participants will be paid 5TL per lesson.
The duration of each course is 90 hours.
The total payment amount to a trainee attending all the courses is 450TL.

02 – Why do the participants receive financial support?

Payments to the participants are made to cover the travel and meal expenses .

03 – I could not attend all classes. Will there be a decrease in payments?

Since the allowance payment will be calculated according to the attended hours, you will be receiving payments accordingly.

04 – How will payments be made?

KIZILAYKART will be used for the payments to be made according to the participation in the courses.

05 – When will the payments be made?

Payments will be made on the last day of the month following the month you attended the course.
You will be notified by SMS when payment is made.

01 – How and when can I get my KIZILAYKART ?

After you have registered for the course and you are endorsed eligible for the payment, the bank will open a bank account which Turkish Red Crescent is fully authorized. You will be notified and redirected to a branch to collect your KIZILAYKART engaged with your account.
Information about the process will be made through SMS.
You will be notified by SMS that your card is ready to be collected from the Halkbank branch in your district.
Incoming SMS also includes the address of the Halkbank branch.
Only the cardholder can collect the KIZILAYKART.
Do not forget to take your ID card starting with number 99 when you go to pick up your card.
You will be asked to sign a written contract to authorize the Turkish Red Crescent and its partners to access the account, cancel the account or withdraw the amount in the account.
After the contract is signed, you will receive your: 1) KIZILAYKART 2) Your PIN in an envelope 3) An information leaflet on how to use the card.
If you have previously received a KIZILAYKART (for ESSN or CCTE programs) you will be able to use your existing card.
You will not be given a new card.

02 – My ID card number starts with 98, does this cause a problem when I get my card?

Yes, it does.
You should contact the nearest Provincial Directorate of Migration and obtain a new ID card.

03 – I don’t have a Halkbank branch near my house, how do I take my card and use my monthly allowance?

In order to receive your card for the first time, you must go to the Halkbank Branch, which is notified by SMS.
To use your monthly allowance, you do not need to go to a Halkbank branch; you can transact from any POS device or ATM, however, ATMs that are not owned by Halkbank may issue a commission fee.

04 – How can I receive the assistance in my KIZILAYKART?

KIZILAYKART can be used at any ATM for cash withdrawals and POS (point-of-sale) devices for purchasing products.
It is free to withdraw cash and check your balance from Halkbank ATMs.
You can use Vakıfbank and Ziraat Bank ATMs free of charge for cash withdrawals.
However, balance check cannot be made from Vakıf Bank and Ziraat Bank ATMs.
Ziraat Bank and Vakıf Bank ATMs serve in Turkish.

05 – I took my card, but there was no money on my card, why?

When you collect your card, it may not have been loaded yet and this is normal.
Payments will be made on the last day of the month; you will recieve an SMS notification when the payment is made.

06 – When will I receive my monthly allowence for my KIZILAYKART?

The allowence payment will be made to your KIZILAYKART on the last day of the month.
Each month you will receive an SMS informing you that your assistance is ready.
If there is a delay in payment, again the information will be given by SMS.

07 – The money in my account is the amount as it should be. Why is that? What should I do?

If you believe that the amount charged to your card is incorrect or you think that someone else is using your card, please call 168 Call Center, where Turkish Red Crescent provides free services.
168 Call Center is available in Arabic between 08.00-18.00 on weekdays and 09.00-13.00 on Saturdays.

08 – I went to Halkbank, but my card was not given because my name was not in the distribution list. What can I do?

If your name is not in the distribution list, make sure that you go to the Halkbank branch listed in the incoming SMS.
If you are in the correct branch, for assistance please call 168 Call Center, where the Turkish Red Crescent provides free services.

09 – What is the validity period of the cards?

The cards have an expiry date written on it.
However, this does not mean that your allowence payment will continue until the expiry date of your card.
You will receive an SMS when your allowence payment ends.
You can continue to use your card until that time.
If your card is lost, stolen or broken, Call the 168 Call Center to report the problem and request a new card.
If you report that your card is missing or corrupted, your old card will no longer be valid.
In such cases your account will not be canceled, only a new card will be issued.

10 – What should I do if I lose my card, my card is broken or stolen, or if I don’t have a balance that I thought I had?

If any of these situations are in question, please call 168 Call Center.
The Red Crescent Call Center will verify your information and connect you to the Halkbank Call Center when necessary.
Both Call Center services are available in multiple languages.
Your card will be unavailable when you report a lost or broken card.
In this case, your account will not be closed, only a new card will be issued.

11 – What is “Card and Pin Delivery Commitment” and what is it used for?

“Card and Pin Delivery Commitment“is a form to be signed by all authorized persons within the scope of the program in order to access the bank accounts of the Turkish Red Crescent.
The Turkish Red Crescent needs to access the accounts in order to review the transaction details and to share these details with the donors, to realise the payments to the account and to block the cards or to cancel the accounts.
Once consent is gained, Halkbank will open a bank account for the cardholder and associate the cardholder information in the payment list with the card.

12 – When will the cards be activated?

The cards will be activated when the “Card Pin Delivery and Consent Form” is signed and you receive your card and PIN.
To start using your card for the first time, you need to enter the PIN that was given to you in the envelope.
As soon as you enter your account, change your PIN to a new one.
Make sure that the new 4-digit number does not consist of consecutive or identical numbers.
You will use your PIN to withdraw money from ATMs and to make purchases through POS devices in Turkey.
When using both the ATMs and the POS device, make sure that no one sees your PIN.

13 – Is there any restriction on how I use the card and account?

Yes, there are restrictions on the use of the card:
Internet and mail order purchases are not allowed.
The card cannot be used outside of Turkey in ATMs and POS devices.
The card cannot be used for purchase at tobacco and alcohol merchants.
Balance on the cards can only be accessed with the use of a PIN by the beneficiaries.
The card and the account will not have a credit or overdraft facility and the account balance cannot go below 0 at any time.
You cannot deposit additional money in the account.

14 – Are there any restrictions on banking transactions in KIZILAYKART and its connected account?

Yes, KIZILAYKART and its connected accounts are subject to restrictions on banking transactions. These are:
Cash deposit cannot be made.
Transfers between accounts cannot be made.
EFT transactions between accounts cannot be performed.
Currency transfer between accounts or currency deposit cannot be made.
Internet banking or mobile banking cannot be used.
Transactions cannot be made over the Internet or by mail order.
Expenses or cash withdrawals cannot be made outside of Turkey.
Investment transactions (term deposits, buying funds, foreign exchange, take up stocks, repo / bonds / holding, etc.) cannot be done.

15 – What do I do if I have fogotten or lost the PIN number for my card?

You need to go to the bank branch where you picked up your card in order to solve any PIN issues.

16 – Can I withdraw money from a different city?

You can withdraw your assistance from any Halkbank ATM within Turkey free of charge.
Other bank ATMs may charge fees.

17 – I went to withdraw money from ATM but the ATM was out of service. What can I do?

In case of a broken or not functioning ATM, please go to another Halkbank branch to use the ATM, or return the next day.

18 – Do you use POS Machines?

Please do not share your password with anyon efor your account security when you are shopping trough POS machines in all stores and markets in Turkey.
Issues To Be Considered When Using POS Machine;
1- Please give your KIZILAYKART to the cashier or place it in the POS machine.
2- Once the cashier enters shopping amount, make sure that the shopping amount is correct and enter your password.
3- The amount entered by the cashier will be withdrawn from your card after you enter your password.
4- Do not forget to take the slip indicating the withdrawn amount and your card after shopping
Please keep the purchase receipt in case of fraudulent payments and incorrect payments.

19 – I already have a KIZILAYKART. Will I get a new card when I sign up for the course?

If you have KIZILAYKART because you have benefitted from ESSN or CCTE, payments to be made under ALT will be realised to a new wallet to be opened for this card.
The beneficiaries whose cards are lost, deteriorated or destroyed may call 168 Call Center to report the situation.
168 will verify your information and transfer it to Halkbank Call Center if necessary.

01 – How can I update my phone number?

To update your phone number, you must go to the Turkish Red Crescent Service Center or SYDV office.

02 – What should I do if I have a complaint or feedback about courses?

You can report any complaint by calling 168 Turkish Red Crescent Call Center lines which are free of charge.
We’ll try to solve the problem on the phone.
If we cannot solve the problem together, we will provide you a quick return on your complaint on the phone.

03 – I want to make a complaint, but I don’t want this to be known.

You can report your complaints through 168 the Turkish Red Crescent Call Center.
If your complaint is sensitive, it will be considered confidential.
The content of your complaint will not be shared with other parties other than those that should be accessible for follow-up of the issue.
Your personal information will not be shared with anyone without your permission.
If you wish to make an anonymous complaint, we will not be able to follow up your complaint or provide feedback to you without your contact details.